We help you HAVE CONFIDENCE in your design decisions

Progress provides user research and usability services that help you to understand your customers by watching them use your interactive product. We believe that direct user research is the most effective way to truly understand the user experience and have confidence in your design decisions, strategies, and product usability.


Usability testing is a time-tested evaluative approach to comparing products, benchmarking or collecting satisfaction metrics. We handle all aspects of a usability study: participant recruiting, study design and measures, session moderation, data analysis, and reporting of findings and recommendations.


User research is a combination of multiple methods for gaining insight into into needs and behaviors from real people, your customers. The core activity of user research involves watching people actually use a product or prototype, instead of just asking their opinions. 

We specialize in testing:

Websites, mobile apps, robotics, wearables, and home automation. 

Remote usability research   We've worked the Web since the days of Netscape and are experts at both in-person and remote user research methods.  
Mobile usability research   Testing the mobile experience on device and in person is how we roll. Can't make it? No worries., we webcast sessions in realtime HD.  
Robotics Usability Research   Evaluating hardware and robotics takes a special set of both human and technical skills. Not only can we dance the robot, we can do the mechanical turk.  

Leading brands choose Progress.

Our consulting clients

This has been hugely impactful for us. We feel really well supported by you and you’ve done a really great job. Thank you so much for that.
— David Durante, Customer Experience Manager, Pierce County Libraries
We have had great success with Progress, you will learn a great deal and have fun at it too.
— AJ Wydra, Project Manager, Quicken Loans

What we're up to




Acting on Correlation Data

Correlation data can be a valuable tool for driving decisions and with prior understanding of potential risks and rewards, its utility can be maximized for your company's benefit.

Getting the Most Out of Co-Working

Co-working is becoming increasingly popular for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and members of small businesses. This is in part because of the networking opportunities and motivational support that members receive from these communities. If you are a current or potential future member of a co-working community, it is important to understand the challenges that arise in co-working spaces and ways to overcome them.